There is no tree without roots. We all have roots in a fascinating, ancient culture whose influence on science and philosophy today has been largely forgotten. Modern history teaches us that the Greeks were responsible for the birth of philosophy and ethics. This perspective leaves out the people who taught the Greeks after spending thousands of years developing an advanced way of understanding the world.

The forgotten originators of much of today’s knowledge came from the ancient civilization of Kemet. The area they occupied is now called Egypt. The ancient scholars of Kemet developed the Kemetic Mystery System. In addition to being the oldest spiritual system, it taught concepts of medicine and astronomy that we still do not completely understand today.

The Kemites kept the Mystery System exclusive until Alexander the Great invaded Kemet and forced them to share their knowledge with any Greek who wished to study it. Thus, it was African people who laid the foundation for today’s understanding of the world. However, European historians do not give the African people enough credit for their contributions to today’s society. We aim to draw attention to Africans’ significant role by honoring them through our line of clothing.